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Barbara Bjornson
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Barb Bjornson is a published illustrator living in New Brighton, MN. When Barb picks up a children's book she looks at the illustrations first and then reads the story. She feels there is magic in most everything and tries to capture that in her artwork. Her training began at a classical realism school in Minneapolis following illustration classes at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Barb works among her friends (stuffed animals and dolls) in her studio, and a mellow adopted cat named Sundance who is 23 years old or young, depending on how you look at it. (In cat years that is pretty old, but he doesn't know that.)

Her publishing clients include Kar-Ben Publishing, Lerner Publishing, Teach Me Tapes Publishing, Tristan Publishing and many educational publishers

For a complete client list and to view additional illustrations, visit Barbara's website:
For additional illustrations, visit Barbara's Blog:

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